Our Leadership

Helpings Hands is governed by a strong volunteer leadership team consisting of a Board of Directors and a Leadership Advisory Council representing our Covenant Churches.  This council is comprised of many original board members who now function as mentors of the organization’s new generation of leadership. 

Board of Directors

Dick Rose, President
Joan Meacham, Vice-President
Pat Lowery, Secretary
L.T. Wilson, Treasurer
Renee Davis
Tyler Easterling
​Melanie Hein
​Ed McNulty
​Time Meacham
Cleveland Milton
Dr. Celeste Pringle
​Jean Rothrock

Advisory Council

Andrews Officers
David Tisdale, President
Thomas Alford, Vice President
Bernice Robinson, At Large
Roxie Giles, At Large
Angela Anderson, At Large

Georgetown Officers
Chris Jones President
Stella Cameron, Vice President