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Bill Gaskins retires on August 21

Bill Gaskins, Associate Director of Helping Hands of Georgetown, will retire on August 21. He has been affiliated with Helping Hands since 2016, serving as a board member, volunteer and then joining the staff in January 2019. 

“Serving Helping Hands has been the most important work I have done since retiring from public education in 2018,” states Gaskins. 

Gaskins plans to focus more time on his Georgetown County School Board duties.  In addition, he plans to spend more time with family and friends and projects around his home.

Lynne B. Ford has been named as Mr. Gaskins’ replacement. Ford, who also serves on the Georgetown County School Board with Mr. Gaskins, was formerly communications manager at Holy Cross Faith Memorial Church in Pawleys Island. No stranger to the nonprofit world, she served in various leadership roles of nonprofit organizations throughout Georgetown County, both as a nonprofit professional and as board member. 

With a degree in Journalism from the University of South Carolina and master’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Florida, Ford’s work experience integrates her passion for effective communication with a practical sense of knowing how organizations reach goals and sustain overall wellbeing. 

“I am delighted to serve as Associate Director with an organization that is impacting the lives of many individuals and families in need throughout Georgetown County,” Ford says.  “I  look forward to this new chapter in my life of service.”
Lynne is married to Johnny, who is a pastor at House of God Church in Pawleys Island and a career coach at A Father’s Place in Georgetown. They, along with their youngest son, Caleb, a senior at Waccamaw High School, live in Pawleys Island.

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