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Client Choice Food Pantry is now a reality in Georgetown

Like our Andrews site, now clients seeking food assistance in Georgetown are able to have a shopping experience rather than being given a pre-packaged bag of food. 

Why is this important? Because we are better able to serve our clients by providing quality food that meets their dietary needs and preferences. It promotes self-respect and trust by recognizing the client’s capacity to make good choices.  Clients have the opportunity to choose their own food gives people being served a sense of dignity and controls, limits waste since they tend not to take food they won’t use.

This gives our volunteers greater opportunity to interact with clients that leads to more social, supportive relationship opportunities. Volunteers provide a shopping list that details the categories of food offered along with the specified number of items in each category that can be selected based on family size. This means the volume of food clients receive will not change.

“I love the way it’s set up. I like the fact that I can pick only what I need. Before there were items in the bag that I did not eat and I would give it away. Now I can eat everything I get.”


“I enjoyed doing my own shopping and I am very happy to get only things I need.”


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