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India Brown, Youth Empowerment Graduate

“YEP is a great program. This program has motivated me to keep going. It gave me a positive outlook and dedication into something I enjoy doing. Every week I push myself to attend meetings even on days where I felt down. YEP has assisted me with direction towards my career path. My plans are to attend Winthrop University in the fall and prepare myself for a career in health care. Life has been pretty busy with working and also taking a 4-week CNA training class, but I am determined to finish strong. I will complete this class August 1st at which I will prepare for the exam so that I will become a certified nursing assistant. I’m honored that I took the time in joining YEP. It has been a wonderful experience I would do it all again. I would also like to thank everyone within the program who stood beside me with guidance.”

India Brown, a recent graduate of our first Youth Empowerment Program and a new graduate Georgetown High School. India completed a job shadowing program at Tidelands Health in the Spring. While taking the CNA course, she has been working at Walmart and getting prepared to enter Winthrop University this Fall. 

Tasha Smith, one of the program leaders, states, “I am so proud of India! She is an achiever and this past year I have watched her grow and start making positive choices to guide her life. I look forward to seeing her continued growth.” 

About the Youth Empowerment Program

The Youth Empowerment Program is built on the assumption that breaking the cycle of poverty is extraordinarily difficult and requires patience and time on the part of all. Therefore our approach represents a significant commitment of time required by our staff along with a corresponding commitment by program participants (students). Weekly required meetings build relationships that are vital for program success; monthly Saturday experiences provide windows to new possibilities and perspectives; and, an Outward Bound offsite team building experience builds confidence and trust leading to success.

For further information about this program, contact Mr. Teon Singletary at 843-527-3424 or 843-264-1341, email, or visit

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