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Keeping a Positive Mindset: Meet Jairon Cumbee

“I am a different person today because of the Youth Empowerment Program,” states Jairon Cumbee, a rising senior. “I had no idea what to expect. I was led to be a part of YEP even though I was only a Junior at the time. Teon Singletary and Tasha Smith made me feel welcomed. It was like I was meant to be a part of YEP. I felt welcomed, and I kept returning each week.”

“A big turning point for me was the field trip to Charleston Zip Line Adventures in October. I did not want to go! I was afraid of heights. I tried to back out many times, but Tasha kept encouraging me to go. Like myself, Tasha had the same fear of heights. Just watching her struggle with the first zip line course and seeing her let go for the first time, let me know that I could do it. That day I overcame my fear of heights.”

“As I look back, the zip line adventure was just the beginning. I learned so much from our phenomenal leaders, Tasha and Teon. I am more confident. I have learned to focus on the things I can change. I have learned to have a positive mindset instead of negative thinking. I learned it is better to take the high road as I approach roadblocks in my life.”

In November he started a new part-time job at Walmart in Mount Pleasant. He was able to take the skills he was learning at YEP and apply them to his new job. “I have better communication skills. I had learned to how share concerns in a positive way with my boss. I have applied the listening skills and I really pay attention to when others are talking- customers, my peers, managers.”

“Tasha and Teon were always there for us and ready to support us. As a group, we all formed a bond,” said Jairon.

Tasha Smith, YEP Program Leader, said, “Jairon Cumbee is one of our amazing YEP Students, who is always optimistic. One who keeps a positive mindset and is willing to share an encouraging word with his peers when facing life situations. Jairon is a hard worker and is determined to excel in life. With his perseverance attitude and his faith, he will succeed.”

Jairon plans to graduate in January 2021. He plans to enter the business field. He sees himself working in customer service. He plans to enroll in Horry Georgetown Technical College and then transfer to Coastal Carolina. He is the son of Roberta and Ellie Cumbee.

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  • Roberta Cumbee

    Reply June 2, 2020 2:02 pm

    Congratulations to my baby boy. You have grown to be such a young man keep reaching above what you think you can reach. Just know mama got you ….. much ❤️

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