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Meet Colleen Slaughter

A GC3 Story

Graduated from GC3- April 2019

“GC3 has impacted my life significantly. 

Prior to GC3 I was a stay at home mom and homeschooling my children. 

GC3 helped me take a look at the inner self. I have gone through life saying “I can’t” to bolstering my confidence to say I can. I still feel like I have a long way to go!

Tasha Smith and Teon Singletary, Helping Hands Career Coaches, have made a huge difference in my life. I keep them informed about my life including my ups and downs, and they are always providing encouragement and support along the way. They encourage me to set goals and strive to achieve those goals. Teon and Tasha are truly amazing. Having them both and God (Jehovah) on my side, I can be the person to get out of the corner and stand up and not be afraid to lead. I can be the person God intended for me to be.

I am presently working with the Growing Great Readers Program in an elementary school in Hemingway. My job will be ending in June or July. I am not sure what the next step will be. I will say this, not that I don’t know but the sky is not the limit, why not say out of space and beyond is my limit.  

There is no telling what I will do next. I do know with the path that I am carving and the right people God (Jehovah) has placed in my life, I will reach those places. The stars aren’t even far enough. I will get there and I am glad I have remained part of GC3.

I am so thankful for Helping Hands for helping me change my life.” 

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