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Rev. McInnis about Youth Empowerment Program

Message from Rev. Ronald McInnis 

We are ecstatic about our Youth Empowerment Program (YEP). The reason for our overwhelming joy is because of the possibilities we have created for 3 of our high schools within Georgetown County. Andrews High School, Carvers Bay High School, and Georgetown High School can look forward to an amazing relationship. We have built an after school program with the student at the forefront of our thoughts. We have developed action-packed, interactive, engaging activities to build a family culture while focusing on preparing our members for successful career paths after high school. We will be working in partnership with North Carolina Outward Bound to create virtual sessions that will address career readiness, community service, cyber-bullying, post-high school education, scholarship applications, military enlistment, etc. 

We have a passionate career coaching team to make sure that we are reaching every student’s needs. Also, we will be using a diverse and inclusive set of presenters to introduce our members to different voices, cultures, and worldviews. Our mission is to strengthen our youth mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


Rev. Ronald McInnis

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