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Georgetown County Career Connection (GC3) Virtual Employment Boot Camp

During this time of a national pandemic, GC3, a collaborative made up of four nonprofits, Friendship Place, A Father’s Place, Goodwill, and Helping Hands of Georgetown County, is hosting their first Virtual Employment Boot Camp. The virtual boot camp will be Tuesday, May 26 – Friday, May 29 from 8:45 AM – 1 PM daily. 

“The purpose of GC3 Employment Boot Camp is to provide participants who are either unemployed or underemployed with a Career Coach who will prepare the participant for the workforce,” said Teon Singletary, GC3 Program Leader for Helping Hands of Georgetown.

During the four day workshop, you will learn the skills you need to be successful in gaining employment and achieving your career path including navigating through barriers in gaining employment, staying employed, resume building, interviewing skills, providing mock interview experiences, communication skills, and much more. After graduation from the four-day workshop, participants will be assigned to a career coach who will provide the leads to get employed.

“We are very excited about being able to offer a Virtual Employment Boot Camp. Usually, our program meets face to face the second week of each month,” states Ronald McInnis, Program Coordinator, Helping Hands of Georgetown. “Since 2016, our collaborative (GC3) has placed 277 people in jobs and 72% of those placed remains in jobs today.  These individuals collectively make $87,998/week, translating into $4.5 million annually benefitting these individuals, their families, and the community as a whole. This represents a $1.2 million impact since January 2019.”

To register for the Virtual Employment BookCamp, email Teon Singletary at or call 843-527-3424. Once registered, you will receive information on how to participate virtually.

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