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Meet India Brown’s Grandmother Mrs. Kariconious Baker Holmes

Mrs. Holmes is the grandmother of India Brown, a 2019 YEP graduate from Georgetown High School. India will start her sophomore year at Winthrop University, majoring in Biology, this fall. “ I had no idea of the opportunity that had been afforded to her. It was a gift of grace in both our lives,” said Mrs. Holmes.

“The mentors that entered her life helped her change her whole outlook on life. I can not say enough about Tasha Smith and Teon  Singletary. When she returned from the Outward Bound trip to the Everglades, she was a different person. Her self-esteem had changed. I saw her take on leadership roles. Her whole sense of direction changed. Working with her mentors, she made the decision to go to college and fulfill her dream. She wants to be an orthopedic surgeon. She applied to Winthrop and was accepted into their Biology program.”

Mrs. Holmes is so thankful for our donors who contribute to make this program work. “You have a great program. You changed my granddaughter. She still has her two mentors (Tasha and Teon) who keep up with her. YEP really changes lives in our youth.”

I asked Mrs. Holmes what advice would you give a parent of a sophomore, junior, or senior entering YEP this fall. “Please just give the program a chance. Encourage your child to participate.” 

India is a first-generation member of her family to attend college. 

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