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YEP Seniors Navigates the Florida Everglades

Twelve Georgetown County Youth Empowerment High School navigated the Florida Everglades in canoes for a week (December 16-20) as part of an Outward Bound trip. The group was divided into two teams and each team departed December 16 and did not see each other again until Friday, December 20. Each team, led by a North Carolina Outward Bound instructors, learned to work as a team to navigate through different bodies of water and survive on their own in the wilderness of the Everglades. Students learned perseverance and confidence to overcome difficult situations of survival in the wilderness. 

“This was the most humbling experience of my life. It was the challenge of my life.”
Mi’kel Collins, Andrews High Senior

“The course showed me that I can be a leader and lead others in the right direction. The experience made me a better person.” Imani Simons, Georgetown High Senior

 “This helped me with my future. I did things I have never done and it was hard. I stuck with it. I know now that I can do anything I set my mind to it.” Joshua Watkins, Georgetown High Senior

 “I have learned that through trials and tribulations I can persevere.” Hunter LeDay, Andrews High Senior

We had to work as a team to take care of ourselves as a family. I now have a new appreciation for all  the things my mother does for me.” Isman Gillard, Georgetown High Senior 

Tasha Smith and Teon Singletary, Youth Empowerment Program leaders, participated with the students. Tasha Smith said, “The Outward Bound experience provided students an opportunity to step out of their environment to work as a team to navigate the waters of the Everglades. They had to learn quickly how to work as a team and to learn how to take care of some of their own basic needs without the conveniences they have at home. It was an experience for them to realize their potential and build confidence.”

“It is experiences like Outward Bound that has the most potential to change our students’ lives. I am so grateful for the donors that made this happen to our students,” said Brendon Barber, Executive Director of Helping Hands of Georgetown.  

About the Youth Empowerment Program
The Youth Empowerment Program is built on the assumption that breaking the cycle of poverty is extraordinarily difficult and requires patience and time on the part of all. Therefore our approach represents a significant commitment of time required by our staff along with a corresponding commitment by program participants (students). Weekly required meetings build relationships that are vital for program success; monthly Saturday experiences provide windows to new possibilities and perspectives; and, an Outward Bound offsite team-building experience builds confidence and trust leading to success.

For further information about this program, contact Mr. Teon Singletary at 843-527-3424 or 843-264-1341, email , or visit .

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